As a savvy consumer, you know timing can be everything. When considering your next smartphone, tablet, computer, or car, sometimes running the clock for the next update or discount is well worth the wait – as torturous as it may be. Better technology, discounts, and software updates are all things to consider before making a decision. Discipline pays off – for most things. Playing the waiting game for solar, however, is actually a backward approach.

See, solar energy is already at an advanced stage, and it’s as affordable as it’s ever been, which means you don’t have to wait for next season to jump on the solar energy train. While you may not be able to wait for the iPhone 12 to arrive this fall, there’s no equivalent iPanel 12 on the horizon for solar energy. Great solar technology is already here.

Waiting for solar energy also means missing out on monthly energy savings right now and federal tax credits set to expire in 2020. The investment tax credit allows solar taxpayers to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar electricity system. The credit drastically decreases in 2021 before going away entirely in 2022. Postponing this decision could be a costly one given the reduced number of tax credits and the already low cost of solar technology. You can potentially get into solar for as low as $64.99.If you’ve been thinking about solar and live in the Sacramento or surrounding Northern California area, the time is now.

Technology and efficiency have never been better, meaning you get reliable, clean, and affordable energy. Saving substantially on your utility bill is not the only benefit. By committing to green energy, you will be part of a movement to reduce harmful greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere and further contributing to the global climate crisis.

At Mr. Sunshine Solar, we offer American-made solar products you can trust. Our proven service model makes the difference and delivers an outstanding product that will leave a positive, lasting impact on your wallet and the environment so you can comfortable invest in the things that matter most. Besides traditional solar products, we’re proud to offer innovative applications to generate and conserve Earth-friendly energy, including solar patios and solar battery storage.

We’ll be here for you not just at the beginning, when we install your solar panels. You can count on Mr. Sunshine Solar to deliver exceptional service, cleaning, maintenance, and support for many years to come. We’re so confident in our products that they’re guaranteed five years beyond the industry standard. If you’re ready to embrace green technology, save money, and make a positive environmental impact, please contact us today to learn more about our topnotch service and streamlined installation proc

Are you ready to take your power back? Invest in yourself today. The time is now!